Roger W. Byrd of Pastor of Worship Arts/ Venice Church of the Nazarene in Venice, FL says:
“I feel like there are times when church people get more excited at the local Friday night High School football game than they do during praise and worship on a Sunday morning at church. Not the case in our church this morning, when we had the opportunity to view and hear the recently updated arrangement of “The Church Triumphant”. Thank you Michael W. Smith, Bill and Gloria Gaither – and the many other artists we know and love – for making this possible for our church! 

Before the song had concluded, everyone was on their feet with hands raised praising God and agreeing in their hearts and souls, “God has always had a people…” As our Pastor made his way to the platform, an outpouring of praise and testimonies exploded from our congregation.

Thank you again for your kindness, generosity and forethought in providing the Church with this awesome gift for such a time as this.”

John Raulerson of Senior Pastor / Raiford Road Church in Macclenny, FL says:
“Thank you so much for the Triumphant Church video. This project was so timely. Someone shared this video with me and I immediately knew that it needed to be shown to our church as the message is so encouraging in times that we face. I am so thankful for the invitation and permission that you gave to churches to present it. Our church was blessed tremendously and our pastors were still talking about it this morning in staff. I am thankful for the solidarity of the message as it incorporated such as broad range of artists. I realize the time, the money, and the effort to produce such a video. Our Lord’s kingdom is blessed and His church has been strengthened. Thanks again.”

Donald Hubbard of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jasper, Texas says:
“God has always had a people…and we are alive and well!” This phrase rang true through our church this past Sunday as I presented the video at the beginning of our service. People listened intently and were hungry for encouragement by others since our church has been hit so hard by Covid. We cancelled our entire Christmas celebration schedule and just returned to corporate worship on Jan. 3 and people are slowly coming back. The encouragement from the video had people standing and clapping as they heard the song and testimonies/words. Such an overwhelming response of praise and worship for our Victorious Lord as our church proclaimed He is Worthy!”

Steven Power of Spellow Lane Independent Evangelical Church in Liverpool, England says:
“We used this song as an introduction to our weekly prayer meeting.
It was such a great encouragement to us during this 3rd lockdown period in the UK.”

Randy Eshleman of Mohn’s Hill Memorial Evangelical Congregational Church in Reading, PA says:
“We shared this video at the conclusion of our annual congregation meeting. Our theme for the meeting was “Hindsight is 2020-Unshakeable-Living faithfully in 2021″ This video fit right into our theme and was a great encouragement to all in attendance – in fact it got a round of applause. Thank you for sharing this gift! I am so often disappointed that many of the opportunities to spread the Christian message come with a price tag, and I was really appreciative of the opportunity to share this video at no cost to our church. This was a true blessing to all in my church!”

Rev. Dr. John Miller of Pastor/Oakley Community Church in Oakley, MI says:
“Our times are so turbulent. We have had to go to streaming online for some and social distancing during our regular worship. It may seem like the enemy is winning. However, the Church Triumphant inspires us to remember that our trials will make us strong! We were greatly inspired when we showed the video during our 1/17 worship service.”

Laura Harris of Good Hope Baptist Church in Cullman, AL says:
“Our church is a small country church with the majority of elderly members. They have served endlessly throughout the years and are pillars of the faith. However, because of 2020 and all of its challenges, many are unable to attend, discouraged, and feel forgotten. What a refreshing and powerful message “Church Triumphant” was when we presented during our morning worship. Many tears flowed with excitement and reassurance that the church is alive and well and to continue persevering because this earth is not our home. Thank you, everyone, who had a part in spreading this message of hope!”

Jeremy Cole of Immanuel Baptist Church in Somerset, KY says:
“As we are finishing up a study on the Book of Nehemiah, this was an excellent addition to our services. We appreciate the hard work that went in to making this project. God Bless! I would advise any, no every church, to watch and share this video. It energizes the soul and the church as a whole. As another song says, “O Church Arise”, be the Triumphant Church.”