I’m passionate about this project.

-Michael W. Smith

Many of us got our start as artists in church. It was the church who opened her platform to our musical ministry, brought busloads to our concerts, and encouraged people to purchase our recordings. This is a time for us to be an encouragement to her.

Throughout history, Christ’s church has had a song in her heart and on her lips.  Now is the time to pray and proclaim that His church is Alive & Well.

The Covid 19 pandemic has taken its toll on all areas of society and the church is no exception. The vital routines and rituals of worship and fellowship—everything from “passing the plate” to potluck dinners—have been embargoed by the virus. For many who live alone, the church has been a reliable place of connecting with others. The pandemic has only compounded their loneliness.

Through all of the adversity of 2020, and its impact on the church, God still has a people. He has always had a people. Whether they occupy the pew or the pulpit, our sense as Christian and Gospel artists is they could really use a rallying cry to lift their spirits and build resolve to be the people of God. As many churches are starting to re-open their doors to in-person worship, we think the timing could not be better.

The very nature of pastoring is intimate and personal – the opposite of social distancing. Many pastors are very discouraged, lonely, and, according to various reports many have left the pastorate while others are on the verge of doing so.

In the early 1970’s, we saw firsthand how a song titled, The Church Triumphant, brought millions to their feet as they were reminded of God’s faithfulness to build His church irrespective of the circumstances of the day, or the whims of the age. It is our desire that we revive this powerful song as an anthem for the church as she gathers once again in sanctuaries and screens across the US and beyond.

Thank you for joining us in the timely effort..

Michael W. Smith